Guardian's ClimaGuard family of glass products provides outstanding energy-saving performance and solar control protection for your home. ClimaGuard™ 55/27 is a high-performance Low-E glass that offers extended thermal performance to achieve a very low U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.

More natural light . . . Smaller energy bills. Natural sunshine adds beauty to your home. But it also adds heat. Closing your blinds or drapes can help, but that runs counter to why you have windows in the first place. And with today's rising energy costs, cranking up the air conditioning isn't the most economical or eco-friendly thing to do.

The solution . . . ClimaGuard 55/27. This advanced glass allows natural light to brighten your home while keeping much of the sun's heat outside. In fact, unlike typical low-E products, ClimaGuard 55/27 is specifically designed for homes in hot climates, and for homes with expansive windows that capture lots of sun, heat and glare. Views and rooms stay beautiful. You stay comfortable. Cooling bills stay low.

• Helps meet ENERGY STAR® standards.
• Prevents 73% of the sun's heat from entering your home.
• Blocks the sun's heat 65% better than standard clear insulated glass.
• Save up to 34% on annual energy costs.
• Stay warm in cool weather, too.
• Natural light without the glare.
• Beautifully transparent.
• Superior solar control.
• Outstanding thermal performance.
• Improved interior light quality

ClimaGuard 55/27
ClimaGuard 55/27
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