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Sun Windows is proud to offer ClimaGuard SPF™ on many of our SunClad products. ClimaGuard SPF™ offers the best UV protection available in residential windows and doors.

While no glass, film or coating can completely eliminate fading, ClimaGuard SPF™ protects home furnishings from the fading effect of the sun, greatly extending their life without sacrificing natural daylight and the appearance of uncoated glass.

Ultraviolet is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and, as the name suggests, it exists beyond the visible violet light wavelengths. These wavelengths progressively shorten or increase in energy. This means that their radiant energy or radiation progressively increases. Ultraviolet radiation transitions through various degrees physical impact on cells and living organisms. The UV that is closest to visible violet light is lower in radiant energy and therefore the least harmful of the UV spectrum. As the wavelength continues to shorten, radiation increases as well as its damaging effects. Exposure to these levels of ultraviolet can be harmful to your skin and they can also damage materials exposed to them.

This is where protective clothing and sun screen helps protect your skin. This is also where ClimaGuard SPF helps protect the interior of your home. The major difference between ClimaGuard SPF and competitor protects is the UV spectrum that it filters. ClimaGuard SPF is unique in that it protects against much shorter UV wavelength than the competition. It is this shorter wavelength that causes the majority of the damage. This why ClimaGuard SPF, blocking 99.9% UV is rated at 50+ FPF and our competition blocking around 92% is only rated at FPF 8. The additional filtering that ClimaGuard SPF provides makes a major difference.

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What Makes ClimaGuard SPF Unique?
Fade Protection Factor or FPF, helps you determine the level of UV protection you need in your windows. Like the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) for sunscreens, a higher FPF number means more fade protection for your cherished household furnishings. With an FPF of 50+, ClimaGuard SPF is the superior choice for protecting your home from damaging UV rays. The bottom line: it's more expensive to replace your home furnishings than to invest in ClimaGuard SPF.

The New Standard In Residential Glass Performance
• Superior fade protection - even the highest performing Low-E products come up short on UV protection.
• Clear quality - ClimaGuard SPF looks the way window glass should look, no bright colors, no dark tints, and no shiny reflections.
• Superior comfort and energy savings - when combined with Low-E glass, maximizes comfort and minimizes heating & cooling costs by keeping heat where you want it, regardless of the climate or season.

Count on ClimaGuard SPF's unique combination of patented technologies to provide superior protection and performance, year after year.

• Fade Protection Factor (FPF) 50 – protecting home furnishings significantly better than clear glass (FPF 2) and even low-E glass (FPF 7)
• Blocks 99.9% of both UV-A and UV-B radiation
• Familiar glass look that suits the design of today's homes and provides plenty of natural daylight

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