Solid Panel Inserts

Solid Panel Inserts

The standard door panel is considered a full glass door, with the side stiles and top & bottom rails measuring about 5" in width. Optional solid panel inserts, or kick panels, are available to reduce the glass portion of the door panel. These solid panels are beveled wood on the interior with a flat SunClad exterior surface. An additional decorative aluminum molding shadow box can be applied to the exterior of the panel as a visual accent.

Solid panels are available in a standard height of 11-5/8" or in proportions of 1/4, 1/3 & 1/2 of the total panel. Custom panel heights are available by special quote. Custom options are available, so feel free to contact us with special requests.

Full Glass Door Panel
Door Panel with Solid Panel Insert
Exterior Side - Solid Panel
Door Bottom Rail Options

Door Bottom Rail Options

The standard swinging door panel is comprised of top, side and bottom rails that are approximately 5" in profile width. Sun's 10" Bottom Rail provides an extra-tall alternative that is available on all of our swinging door panels. It is also part of residential ADA solution when paired with our low profile ADA Sill.


10" Bottom Rail Interior View
10" Bottom Rail Exterior View

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