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This glass is a unique combination of two types of Low-E technology. By combining Pilkington Energy Advantage™ Low-E glass with Guardian ClimaGuard 55/27 Low-E glass, Sun is able to obtain a highly effective, energy efficient insulated glass unit that maximizes the thermal U-factor and combines it with an even lower Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.

Hybrid Combination maximizes the U-factor, while achieving an even lower Solar Heat Gain. ClimaGuard 55/27 low-E glass from Guardian Industries allows natural light to brighten your home while keeping much of the sun's heat outside. In fact, unlike typical low-E products, ClimaGuard 55/27 is specifically designed for homes in hot climates, and for homes with expansive windows that capture lots of sun, heat and glare.

Energy Advantage low-E glass from Pilkington, because of its hard-coat properties, is used on the interior (or number 4 surface) of the the I.G. unit. Placing it on this surface improves the over-all U-factor, while retaining the ultra-low Solar Heat Gain of the 55/27 glass. The result is a hybrid insulated glass unit with both a low U-factor and a ultra-low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.

Please note, due to the exposure of the hard-coat low-E surface to the interior, certain characteristics of the glass surface must be accommodated. The exposed low-E surface will have a slight surface texture (it is not completely smooth to the touch). Also, under certain lighting conditions and view angles, it will exhibit slight color reflections or perhaps a hazy cast. This is normal for this type of glass. Additionally, special care and cleaning practices must be followed to prevent damage to the coating. See the link to the cleaning instructions.

• Helps meet ENERGY STAR® standards for specific regions
• Prevents 73% of the sun's heat from entering your home
• Blocks the sun's heat 65% better than standard clear insulated glass
• Delivers clear, crisp views
• Neutral and Attractive
• Optimized for excellent performance in specific regions
• Keeps you cool when it's hot outside
• Keeps you comfortable in sunny climates
• Helps reduce heating and cooling bills

Energy Advantage 55/27
Low-E 4th Surface

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