Frame Tear Finished Installation

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Frame Tear-Out Replacement

Why a Frame Tear-Out Instead of typical replacement window?

• Maintain Your Daylight Opening vs less Daylight Opening with a typical replacement.
• Replace rotten or damaged frame and/or sill plate instead of covering them up with thin roll form cladding.
• Correct any original installation issues such as shimming, insulation and weather seals.
• Fully SunClad Exterior, including SunClad Brick Mold and Casing vs thin, wrapped trim and casing that easily dents and discolors.
• SunClad Exterior Trim Color matches the window vs thin aluminum wrapping that either does not match well or fades quickly.
• SunClad Exterior Trim has clean appearance vs wrapping that has exposed nail heads and caulked joints at the corners that attract dirt.
• All the benefits of Extruded Aluminum Exterior with Sun's Powder Coat Finish.
• Maintain the original appearance of the home vs the look of a "window within a window" with a typical replacement.
• Keep your existing interior trim (in most cases, if desired).
• Insures best window performance by replacing the whole window.

Frame Tear Out Before and After

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