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SunClad Hinged Door Hardware Options

SunClad Inswing and True-French doors include handle sets and hinges as standard in your choice of standard finishes (Brushed Chrome, Pewter, Antique Brass or Oil-Rubbed Bronze).

Handle Set

Standard Finishes: Brushed Chrome, Pewter, Antique Brass, Oil-Rubbed Bronze. Optional Finishes: Polished Brass, Black, White & Polished Chrome (not shown).

Multi-point Hardware

Upgrade your single point handle set to Multi-point for greater security and stability. Multi-point hardware has multiple latch points to engage the door jamb over the length of the door panel.

Multi-point Center Latch Multi-point Center Strike
Center latch feature dead-bolt and strike latch.
Center jamb strike plate.
Multi-point Upper and Lower Latches Multi-point Upper and Lower Strikes
Additional multi-point latches along edge of door.
Multi-point latch strike plates along edge of jamb.

French Door Passive Panel Hardware

True-French Door Passive Panel Headbolt True-French Door Passive Panel Footbolt
Passive Panel Handle set activates the Top & Bottom Latch.
Raise the handle to engage. Push downward to disengage.

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