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Jamb Depth for SunClad Doors

SunClad doors use a standard jamb depth (thickness) of 4-9/16". This accommodates most typical 2 x 4 wall construction. If you need a different jamb depth, Sun can apply a single interior wood jamb extension to increase the jamb depth up to 6-9/16". If your doors are jamb hinged and need to be flush with the interior wall, an exterior frame extension is available for a 6-9/16" jamb depth.

Standard Jamb Depth = 4 9/16" With Interior Wood Jamb Extension = 6 9/16"

Use interior wood extensions where the door hinging doesn't need to be flush with the wall surface.

Standard = 4-9/16"

Interior Wood Extension = 6-9/16"


Standard Exterior Frame view Exterior Frame with Frame Extension = 6 9/16"

Use the exterior frame extension on doors where the door hinging must be flush with the interior wall surface.

Standard = 4-9/16"

Exterior Frame Extension = 6-9/16"


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