Jamb Options

Sun products are available with standard jambs. On some projects, Jamb Extensions or other options are needed to fit the wall depth and design. View the tabs below to find details on the Jamb Options available for your project.

Jamb Depth & Extension Options

SunClad™ Products Jamb Depth & Extension Options

All SunClad™ products have a standard jamb depth of 4-9/16" (unless noted otherwise). For deeper wall construction, single piece extensions can be added to the jamb up to a total jamb depth of 6-9/16". These extensions are applied at the factory.

Note: Jamb Extensions are available in 1/8" increments up to 7-9/16" total jamb depth. Extensions over 6-9/16" are achieved by stacking a 2" piece plus an additional piece up to 7-9/16" total jamb depth.

  • Standard 4-9/16"
  • Wood Extensions
  • Casement Jamb Options
  • Double Hung Insert Jamb
  • Inswing Door Frame Extensions

SunClad™ Products
Standard Jamb Depth

The standard jamb depth is 4-9/16" measured from the back of the nailing fin to the front face of the wood interior frame.

Extension Profile

SunClad Standard Jambs

Wood Jamb Extensions

For deeper wall construction, wood extensions can be added to the window jamb to match the wall thickness. Custom jamb depth is available in 1/8" increments from the standard 4-9/16" depth. The extension will be a single piece up to a total jamb depth of 6-9/16". Above that, additional extension pieces will be added to obtain the overall depth. For instance, a 7-9/16" jamb depth would be accomplished by adding a 2" extension plus a 1" extension.

Sun recommends that custom jamb depths over 7-9/16" be custom made and applied on site by a trim specialist.

wood jamb extensions
Jamb Standard Jamb Extension 1 Jamb Extension 2 Extensions applied - backside
Standard Jamb = 4-9/16" 1 piece Extension = up to 6-9/16" 2 piece Extension = up to 7-9/16" view of frame side

Casement Jamb Options

In addition to our standard 4-9/16" jamb and our Jamb Extensions up to 7-9/16", SunClad Casement family products are available in two other optional configurations.


Step Jamb

The Step Jamb is an alternate configuration that places the jamb to the outer most edge of the wood frame. This is valuable when mulling a casement family product to a non-casement family product, such as a direct set fixed lite or a double hung. This alternate jamb placement provides for trim alignment in these applications.

Casement without Step Jamb Casement with Step Jamb
without Step Jamb with Step Jamb

No Jamb

The No Jamb option allows casement family products to be used in insert window and retro fit applications.

Casement No Jamb Option

Double Hung Insert Jamb

SunClad Double Hungs are available with an alternate 3-1/8" Insert Jamb (also known as a replacement window frame). This jamb/frame system is design for replacement and retro-fit applications.

Double Hung Insert Jamb
Jamb Depth & Extension Options - Doors

SunClad™ Inswing Door Jamb Depth & Frame Extension Options

SunClad™ Inswing Doors have a standard jamb depth of 4-9/16".

Frame Extensions

The jamb depth of operating Inswing and True French Inswing Doors can be extended by using Sun's Exterior Frame Extension. This SunClad™ Aluminum Extrusion is designed to extend the frame 2" for 6-9/16" wall construction.

Inswing Door Frame Extension

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