Mulls & Mulling Options

Mulls & Mulling

Product Combinations
SunClad™ products can be combined with companion products to form special feature windows or window and door combinations. SunClad™ products are designed so that they can be easily grouped together to form multi-unit configurations. These configurations can be as simple as combining two units together, side by side, to form a 2-wide unit, or as complex as combining multiple units of various styles and shapes to form a special feature window wall. Send us your ideas and we will help you configure your special combination.

Mulled Unit Dimensions
When mulling SunClad products together, the over-all unit size can be determined by adding the product unit sizes together. For combinations of 3 units or more, an incidental gain may occur. Increase the Rough Opening dimension by 1/8" for 3 units or 3/16" for four units.

Mulled Unit Restrictions
The maximum over-all size for a factory mulled unit cannot exceed 12' by 8' (vertical or horizontal).
Maximum units wide = 5
Maximum units high = 4
Maximum Door Mulled Unit = 6-0 x 6-8 with Call Height 12 Transom
No units can be mulled to the sides of True French Doors. Use separate framing.

Exterior Mull Covers
Exterior Mull Covers for mulling windows on the job site. Include exterior mull cover only. (Installation is not provided).

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Clad Mulls
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