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Powder Coating

The Advantages of Powder Coating


Improved Quality and Expanded Capabilities

Sun's Powder Coating Facility has been implemented to improve the finish quality and expand the color options and capabilities of Sun Clad aluminum products. Powder Coating is basically paint in powder form. Powder coatings offer a hard finish which is tougher than conventional paint. Powder coated surfaces are resistant to chipping, cracking, peeling and fading. Powder coating offers improved finish quality with our standard finish meeting AAMA 2604 requirements. Sun's warranty covers clad exteriors for 10 years against chalking and color change and 20 years against peeling, flaking, blistering, cracking, checking and loss of adhesion. Sun also offers an AAMA 2605 finish for projects that require this higher performance finish. See the AAMA 2604-05 specifications for details.


More Colors

Powder coating also offers a wide range color choices, with an expanded palette of 10 standard colors and 2 standard metallic finishes. There are over 25 additional special order colors as well as 13 more special order metallic finishes. Beyond that is the capability to provide custom color matching. Simply provide us with a sample of the color you want and your windows will be produced to match. View our Colors page.


Faster Turn-Around

Powder coatings have a greatly reduced processing time, which means that the coated materials can be put into the production flow much sooner than our previous liquid paint system. Additionally, the extrusions for all special and custom colors orders will be coated in house. This will reduce the wait time on these orders.

Environmentally Friendly

Powder coatings contain no solvents and release virtually no VOC's into the atmosphere. They are recommended by the EPA as contributing to the Green Building Initiative of the U.S. Government. Sun's Powder Coating application process is an Eco-premium solution with chrome-free pretreatment and an ultra durable topcoat. The Green aspects of Powder Coatings further enhances Sun's Green Window Initiative and our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly products and technology. There are no heavy metals such as lead or chromium in the Powder Coating process. There is almost no waste as over spray can be reclaimed and recycled or reprocessed. The durable protection provided by powder coatings reduces the need for replacement products or coatings. Many of the powders have a lower ecological footprint than competing products. View our Green Window Initiative page.


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