Screen Options

Screens are available for operating windows. All opening windows may use our standard Removable Screen. Casement windows have the option of using a Retractable Roll-Screen. See the tabs below for more information.

  • Removable Screen
  • Retractable Screen

Extruded ScreenScreens are available for operating windows. Screens have aluminum frames strung with fiberglass screen mesh. The screen frame mounts into a screen track in the product frame. Sun now offers BetterVue™ Insect Screen as the standard mesh on all SunClad™ window screens. The BetterVue™ mesh is woven from finer strands which helps it provide 10% better insect protection, 10% better airflow and 10% clearer view than traditional insect screen. Also available is the top of the line UltraVue™ Insect Screen mesh provides 20% better insect protection, 15% better airflow and 15% clearer view.

Roll-Form Screen Frame
Sun's Standard Screen Frame is Roll-Form Aluminum in limited colors: White, Sand, and Dark Bronze.

Extruded Screen Frame
Sun also offers a heavy-duty, Extruded Aluminum frame that accepts any of Sun's Powder Coat finishes.

Packaging and Shipping Options
On Product - Screens can be packaged installed on the window (standard method).
Packaged Separately - Screens can be packaged separately from the window for an additional fee.

Typical Screen Mesh BetterVue Screen Mesh UltraVue Screen Mesh
Typical Screen Mesh BetterVue™ Screen Mesh UltraVue™ Screen Mesh
Retractable Roll-Screen

Retractable Roll-Screen - for Casement Windows

A retractable roll-screen is available for interior mounted applications. Retractable window screens are present when you need them yet they quickly retract and disappear when not in use. With retractable window screens you will have a better view, your screens will last for decades and the screen fabric remains cleaner. Once in place this retractable window screen is virtually undetectable, yet readily available when needed.

Retractable Roll-Screen

Nicely concealed with a wood veneer, this screen can be finished the same as the rest of your wood interior.

Also available in four solid colors.

The Retractable Roll-Screen looks great, operates smoothly and is the perfect finishing touch to any wood window. A real Wow feature!

Roll Screen

Roll Screen Wood Species
Roll Screen Colors

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