Exterior Trim & Accessory Options

SunClad™ Exterior Trim & Accessories

An exterior trim system is available on SunClad™ products to enhance the visual appeal of the window and increase the accent they add to the home's exterior. This system includes various SunClad™ aluminum extrusions that can be used by themselves are in combination to form exterior trim (or casing) accents or as exterior mulls and expansion mulls. The profiles include a Traditional Brick Mold, Georgian Brick Mold, 3-1/2" Flat Casing, various mulls and expansion mulls, as well as 30° and 45° angle mulls. Select this link to view the profiles . . . SunClad™ Trim & Accessories - Profile Drawings.

All of the extrusions are powder coated to coordinate with the SunClad windows and doors to which they are applied. They can be the same color or in any accent color you select.

Sun Clad Casing

Traditional Brick Mold

Georgian Brick Mold

Flat Casing

Traditional Brick Mold Georgian Brick Mold Flat Casing

Sill Nose

Georgian Sill Nose

Sill Nose Georgian Sill Nose  
• Profiles Sheet (pdf)
• Profiles Unit Dimension Add-On chart (pdf)
Clad Mulls


Mull Expanders

Clad Mulls Clad Mull Expanders

Angle / Bay Mulls

Clad Bay Mulls

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