Sun Clad Easy-Tilt Window
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SunClad Easy-Tilt
Double Hung Window (Insert/Pocket Window)

Product Highlights

• SunClad Extruded Aluminum Exterior
• High Durability Powder Coat Exterior Finish
• Fail-Safe Water Management System
• 3-1/8" Replacement Frame System
• Ponderosa Pine Interior
• Vertical Raise & Lower Sash Operation
• Tilt-In Sashes
• Cam-Action Sash Locks
• Finger Release Tilt Sash Latches
• Bullnose Profile Sash Lock Rail
• Positive Contact Floating Jamb Liners
• Spring Balance System
• Locking Tilt-Sash Balance Shoes
• Energy Efficient Performance
• Air & Weather Tight Sash Seal
• Insulated Glass with Duralite™ Spacer
• High Performance Low-E Glass with Argon


This is the replacement window version of our SunClad USA Easy-Tilt double hung window. It offers most of the same features and options of the new construction version, but with a 3-1/8" frame system that is ideal for replacement or retrofit applications sometimes referred to as a pocket window or insert window.

Double Hung Operation

SunClad™ Double Hung Operation

SunClad™ Double Hungs feature a sash-over-sash design where both sashes raise and lower for ventilation purposes. Both sashes will tilt inward for easy access to the exterior glass surfaces from inside the room. This can make it easier to clean your windows. The bottom sash tilts in by activating the finger release latches and pulling the top of the sash toward you. The top sash does not have tilt latches, it will simply pull toward you. The positive contact floating jamb liners maintain constant pressure against the sides of the sashes. This acts as an air and weather seal as well as helps in the vertical operation of the sashes. The jamb liners also house the spring balance system. The tilting action of the sashes is achieved by the combination of a pair sash pins, located near the bottom of each side of the sash, and a pair of balance shoes located in the jamb liners. The balance shoes feature a locking action that supplies tension within the jamb liner track when the sash is tilted 90°. This feature is useful to help prevent the bottom of the sash from moving up or down while the sash is tilted for cleaning. It will also hold the shoes and springs in position when you choose to remove the sash completely from the window. Tilting and sash removal instructions are available under the Technical section.

Double Hung Operation
Sun Clad Extruded Aluminum Exterior

SunClad™ Extruded Aluminum Exterior

SunClad™ is the name we give our heavy-gauge extruded aluminum exterior on our clad-wood products. Aluminum is highly resistant to the effects of weather. It does not rust like other metal. It does not rot or decay, warp or distort like wood. It does not break down chemically over time like vinyl or fiberglass. Our heavy gauge extruded aluminum will not easily dent like Roll Form aluminum wrapped over a wood sash exterior. It provides exceptional strength and long life for the product and it is the perfect surface for our High Durability Powder Coat Finish.

• Superior Strength - for the frame and sash
• More Durable - protects interior wood components
• Protects the Home better
• Fail-Safe Water Management System - weeps water from frame and sash components
• Integral Nailing Fin - permanent fin is part of the frame
• High-Durability Powder Coat Factory Finish

Sun Clad Exterior
3-1/8" Frame System
3-1/8" Frame System

3-1/8" Frame System for Replacement or Retrofit

Our 3-1/8" Frame System is designed for applications where you wish to replace or retrofit a new window into an existing window pocket. Typical, this is done by removing the existing window sashes, track and balances. The 3-1/8" frame will fit into the remaining pocket. This method preserves your interior and exterior trim and allows you to minimize the time and mess of replacing your windows. The main advantage of using this solution over a sash kit is the assurance that the completed installation will provide the proper sash seal and operation. Sash kits are dependent on the condition of the existing window frame and are subject to variations in the original window design.

Nailing Fin
Fail-Safe Water Management System
Water Management System

Fail-Safe Water Management System

All SunClad products are designed with a Fail-Safe Water Management System. The exterior perimeter of the glass is sealed against water intrusion. However, because aluminum, glass and wood all expand and contract at different rates, we design our Fail-Safe Water Management System to provide an effective drain path (to the exterior) for water to exit the glazing channel and sash structure. This prevents water or moisture from becoming trapped within the sash, which helps protect the insulated glass against seal failure and the wood interior of the window against deterioration.

Water Management System
Powder Coat Finish
Powder Coat

High Durability Powder Coat Finish

Sun uses high durability powder coating as the exterior finish of our SunClad products. It is tougher than conventional painted finishes. The powder is electrostatically applied to aluminum extrusions that have been washed and prepared in a multi-stage pre-treatment process. The applied powder is baked on to the extrusion which is ready for production shortly after leaving the oven. Our standard finish meets AAMA 2604 requirements and allows us to provide a 20 year warranty against peeling, flaking, blistering, cracking, checking and loss of adhesion and a 10 year warranty against chalking and color change. An optional AAMA 2605 finish is also available and offers a 30/15 year warranty respectively. Sun offers 11 Standard Colors, 26 Feature Colors, 15 Metallic Finishes and 6 Anodic Finishes. Additionally, virtually any color you want is available through Custom Color Matching. Sun's Powder Coating is also very environmentally friendly, with no VOCs and no lead or chromium in any of the processes.

Powder Coat
Wood Interior
Wood Interior

Beautiful Wood Interior

SunClad products feature a beautiful, high-grade, clear Ponderosa pine interior that is suitable for staining or painting. All wood components are treated with a wood preservative for long life.

• Select Clear Ponderosa Pine - beautiful, high-grade
• Suitable for staining or painting
• Preservative Treated against insects and decay

Ponderosa Pine
Rounded Profile Sash Lock Rail
Rounded Sash Lock Profile

Easy-Tilt Double Hung Rounded Sash Lock Profile

The sash lock rail on our Easy-Tilt Double Hung window features a rounded or "bullnose" profile. This distinctive feature sets the Sun Easy-Tilt apart from our competitors and adds a nice design touch to your room.

Rounded Profile Sash Lock Rail
Insulated Glass
Insulated Glass

Sun's Insulated Glass

All Sun products are glazed with Dual Glazed insulated glass. All of Sun's Hi-Performance Low-E Insulated Glass units are Argon filled and feature the Duralite™ warm-edge glass spacer system. Both dual glazed (using two pieces of glass) and triple glazed (using three pieces of glass) are available (depending on the product type). Tempered insulated glass units (both glass pieces) are standard on all door units. Sun manufactures these units in our own state-of-the-art insulated glass production facility, allowing us to produce the high quality insulated glass units for each order. This line is carefully monitored for quality control, glass testing and certification, to assure you that all Sun insulated glass is produced to the highest standards.

Insulated Glass
Duralite™ Warm-Edge Spacer

Duralite™ Warm-Edge Spacer System

All Sun insulated glass units use the Duralite™ warm-edge glass spacer system. Duralite is the only all non-metallic spacer system available. This gives superior thermal performance and its flexible properties provide a superior seal and excellent argon retention. It is one of the reasons we are able to provide a full 20 year warranty on our insulated glass.

Duralite Spacer
Low-E Glass
Low-E Glass

Climate Matched Low-E Glass

Sun Windows offers Energy Saving Low-E glass that is matched to your climate. Select our Sun Advantage 270 Low-E glass if you are in a climate that has a mixture of both heating and cooling seasons. Sun Advantage 270 is a second generation Low-E glass that permits 70% of the sun's visible light while blocking 86% of harmful UV rays. Select Sun Advantage 366 Low-E glass if you are in a climate that has stronger cooling requirements. Sun Advantage 270 is a third generation Low-E glass that reduces the amount of the sun's visible light to 66% while blocking 95% of harmful UV rays. Both types use our Duralite™ Warm-Edge glass spacer and have air spaces that are Argon filled for an insulated glass unit that offers excellent thermal performance.

Low-E Glass
Reglazable Sash / Panel
Reglazable Sash & Panels

Reglazable Sash & Panels

All SunClad™ Wood products use interior wood glazing stops that allow for the reglazing of the sash or panel should the glass ever be damaged.

Air-Tight Construction
Air-Tight Construction

Air-Tight Construction

A combination of our product designs, the materials we use and our manufacturing processes produce windows with outstanding air-infiltration performance. Complete weather-stripping and secure sash closure provide an air-tight seal. Our product air-infiltration ratings out-pace the industry standards and many of our competitors.

Lead Times For Options
Option Lead Times

Lead Times For Options

Since all Sun products are built to order, we offer a wide range of options for you to customize your windows and doors to meet your needs. Some of these options are part of the standard production flow while others are more specialized and may require additional time to produce. When a quote is created for your order, any extended lead times are indicated. This can assist you in planning your project and help you coordinate your workflow.

Exterior Colors
Clad Exterior Color Options

SunClad™ Exterior Colors

Sun's High Durability Powder Coat Finish is available in a wide range of Standard Colors, Feature Colors, and Metallic Finishes as well as in Custom Match Colors. You also have the option of using various color combinations to create a unique visual accent. Color cards available upon request.

Custom Match Colors
Virtually, any color you want is available through our color matching feature. Give us a color sample to match or even an RAL* number and we will produce your windows in your own custom color. Additional fee applies.

Multi-Color Combinations
In addition to having your choice of almost any exterior you can think of, you can now choose to create custom, multi-colored combinations. As an example you may select to have the product sash in one color, the grilles in another and the frame (and or) brick mold trim in yet another color. By combining different colors with different options you can create unique exterior accents to give your home that extra-special touch.

Note: Due to the variations in color representation on computer monitors, the colors shown are for general reference only. For accurate color selection and matching, please obtain a color chart or sample swatch from your Sun Window Dealer or Representative.

Sun Clad Exterior Colors
Interior Wood Finishes & Options
Wood Finishes & Options

Interior Wood Finishes & Options

The wood interior of all SunClad™ products is available in the following finish options.

• No Finish
• Clear Poly Finish
• White Painted Finish (see paint code for matching)
• Custom Painted or Stained (customer to supply finish number or sample to match)

All SunClad™ products feature Clear Ponderosa Pine. Optional wood species are available by custom quote. Contact your Sun Representative or Sun Customer Service.

Sun Interior White Paint Code:

Sherwin Williams 0Z3264128
Product B-20W51
Formula: B1(cce 128), 1; Y3 (cce 32), 2; (cce 64), 1; (cce 128), 1

Interior Wood Finishes & Options
Hardware - Double Hung - Easy-Tilt

SunClad™ Easy-Tilt Double Hung Hardware

Easy-Tilt Double Hung hardware consists of sash locks, finger release tilt latches and a pair of positive contact, floating vinyl jamb liners that contain the sash guide tracks and spring balance system. The jamb liners provide constant, positive contact with the sash for proper sash operation and side air seals. The spring balances have locking pivot shoes that prevent the sash from slipping when tilted. The Easy-Tilt sash locks and tilt latches are recess mounted on the sash lock rail. The sash lock rail itself is formed from 5/4 stock and features a rounded or "bullnose" front profile. The exterior aluminum frame features an extrusion profile that conceals the edge of the vinyl jamb liner.

Hardware Colors / Finishes
SunClad™ Easy-Tilt standard hardware colors or finishes are White, Tan and Brown. Optional colors are True Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Chrome and Brushed Nickel. Optional colors / finishes are available for an additional charge.

Hardware Finishes


Sash Lock & Tilt Latch vinyl jamb liner with spring balance system Pivot Pin

Jamb Liner Colors

Jamb Liners

SunClad Double Hung windows feature floating, vinyl jamb liners that contain a spring balance system for operating sashes. The Jamb Liners are available in either White or Tan.

Jamb Liner Colors
Window Opening Control Device
Window Opening Control Device - Double Hung

Window Opening Control Device - Clad Double Hung

SunClad™ USA Double Hungs have the option of having the sash opening limited by our Window Opening Control Device, also referred to as a WOCD. The device automatically limits the opening of the sash to a narrow opening, but it can also be by-passed or disengaged by an adult when more opening is wanted or needed.

1. The device is automatically set to limit the sash operation unless it deactivated by someone wishing to open the window. Open the sash and the WOCD stops it at the limited height.
2. To by-pass the limit, press the WOCD limiter inward. It is spring-loaded and part of the tab will protrude out from the surface of the device even in the by-pass position. Raise the sash upward and it will now continue past the limiter. Raise to desired height.
3. Closing the sash automatically re-activates the limiter.

Colors / Finishes
The WOCD is available in White or Brushed Nickel finishes. It is visible on the face of the side rail of the top sash.

Glazing Method / Type
Glazing Method - DH

Double Hung Glazing Method

Sun Double Hung products are glazed with Dual Glazed insulated glass. Two pieces of glass with a 1/2" sealed airspace.

Glazing Options
Glass Types
Glass Types

Low-E Insulated Glass

Most building codes now require thermally efficient insulated glass in windows and doors. Therefore, high-performance Low-E glass has become an industry standard. Sun offers a range of Low-E Insulated Glass units to match maximum thermal benefits with your region.

• Sun Advantage 270 is for regions that have both heating and cooling seasons.
• Sun Advantage 366 is for regions that require mostly cooling.
• Sun Advantage 270 plus adds a 4th surface i89 Low-E to lower the U-value and improve thermal performance.
• Sun Advantage 366 plus adds a 4th surface i89 Low-E to lower the U-value and improve thermal performance.
• Clear glass is available for specific applications where energy performance codes do not apply or thermal performance is not a concern.


Low-E 63/31 Low-E 55/27
Glass Tints
Glass Tints

Glass Tints

All insulated glass units can be tinted. Tints available are: Bronze and Gray. Tints are part of the glass, not a film. Never apply glass films to Sun insulated glass units.

Tinted Glass
Obscure Glass
Obscure Glass

Obscure Glass

All insulated glass units can include Obscure glass. Available Obscure textures are: Typical Obscure (P516) and Niagara Obscure (vertical waterfall pattern).

Obscure Glass
Tempered Glass
Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

Most insulated glass units can be Tempered to meet glass requirements. Both pieces of the insulated glass unit are tempered. Most glass options (Low-E, Tints, Obscure) are available in tempered glass units.

Tempered Glass
Grille Types
Grille Types

Grille Types

SDL or Simulated Divided Lite, is an aluminum grille bar permanently applied to the exterior glass surface and a wood grille permanently applied to the interior glass surface. A black shadow bar is sealed between the glass. This simulates old divided lite windows without sacrificing the benefits of a single insulated glass unit. Available in 5/8", 1" , 1-1/4" and 2-1/4" (simulated mull) wide profiles. Also available in a Raised (Putty Glazed) bar profile in 5/8" and 1-1/4".

Simulated Check Rail is a variation of our SDL using a wide 2-1/4" bar horizontally across a Casement or Fixed Lite window to simulate the look of a Double Hung window.

Simulated Mull is another variation of our SDL using a wide 2-1/4" bar vertically. One or two of these can be placed in the center of a wide Casement or Fixed Lite to simulate the look of two windows joined together or two sashes side by side.

Wood Grille (Push-Pin style)
This removable wood grille mounts to the window interior. Grille clips with push-pin points slide in notches at the end of each grille bar to fasten the grille to the window. Removing the grille makes it easier to clean the glass. Wood grilles are available in 1" and 1-1/4" wide profiles.

Wood Grille (Surround style)
Also available is a wood surround grille that has wood frame around the perimeter of the grille. This inserts into the daylight opening of the sash and is held in place by an anchor pin.

GBG (Grilles Between Glass) are 3/4" contoured profiled aluminum grilles sealed within the insulated glass unit for no-maintenance convenience. Available in White, Vanilla, Beige, Sand, Bronze, Black, Green and Red colors. They are also available in two color combinations (one color facing the interior the other facing the exterior) of White/Sand and White/Bronze.



Wood Grille

Wood Grille

Grille Colors
Grille Color Options

Grille Colors

SDL Colors
All SDL options and variations are available using any of our SunClad™ Exterior Color options for the exterior grille bar. The interior wood grille can be finished using any of our interior finish options. The shadow bar is black.

Wood Grille Finish Options
Wood Grilles are available with any of our Interior Wood Finish Options: No Finish, Clear Poly, White Painted, or Custom Painted or Stained.

GBG Colors
Available in White, Vanilla, Beige, Sand, Bronze, Black, Green and Red colors. They are also available in two color combinations (one color facing the interior the other facing the exterior) of White/Sand and White/Bronze.

Sun Clad Exterior Colors
Grille Patterns
Grille Patterns

Grille Patterns

Sun's Grille systems (see grille types) are available in a various standard Grille Patterns or in custom designed patterns. View our Grille Pattern charts to see illustrations of our standard patterns. If you have a custom pattern, please submit a drawing to us and we will provide you a quote for your project. Please note that not all patterns are available in all grille types and sizes. Manufacturing limitations apply.

Grille Patterns

Click image to view full Grille Patterns Chart
Screen Options

Screen Options

Screens are available for operating windows. Screens have aluminum frames strung with fiberglass screen mesh. The screen frame mounts into a screen track in the product frame. Sun now offers BetterVue™ Insect Screen as the standard mesh on all SunClad™ window screens. The BetterVue™ mesh is woven from finer strands which helps it provide 10% better insect protection, 10% better airflow and 10% clearer view than traditional insect screen. Also available is the top of the line UltraVue™ Insect Screen mesh provides 20% better insect protection, 15% better airflow and 15% clearer view.

Roll-Form Screen Frame
Sun's Standard Screen Frame is Roll-Form Aluminum in limited colors: White, Sand and Dark Bronze.

Extruded Screen Frame
Sun also offers a heavy-duty, Extruded Aluminum frame that accepts any of Sun's Powder Coat finishes.

Packaging and Shipping Options
On Product - Screens can be packaged installed on the window (standard method).
Packaged Separately - Screens can be packaged separately from the window for an additional fee.

Measuring Guide for Replacement Windows

Measuring Typical Shop Built Windows For Replacement Windows

1. Measure Overall Opening Width - from back of left jamb pocket to back of right jamb pocket. For units with jamb liners, you must first remove the jamb liners to gain access to the jamb pocket.


Overall Opening Width

2. Measure the Pocket Width - which is the distance between the interior and exterior stops. Out SunClad Replacement Windows has a frame depth of 3-1/8". Please verify that this will fit within your Pocket Width.


Pocket Width

3. Height Measurement
Measure the height from the head jamb (top most recessed point) straight down to the highest point of the sill where the inside edge of the bottom sash touches the sill when closed (next to the outside face of the the stool).


Height Measurement

Dimensions Needed
To Place Order

The measurements you took give you the Pocket Dimensions into which your replacement window must fit. Due to the various methods of installing replacement windows, the installer must determine the actual unit width and height that they require to fit the pocket dimensions. Order your replacement windows using the actual unit width and height desired.




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