File Attachment Help

The following instructions are intended to help you prepare files that you would like to send to us as an attachment in our Product Service Request Form.

Image Size

Do to transmission speed rates and file storage constraints, the size of your image(s) needs to be restricted. The settings on your camera determine the initial size of your photographs. In many cases the size of the image(s) will need to be adjusted to make them small enough for to send as a file attachment. The following list provides some methods that can be used to manage your image sizes.

Option A. Adjust the settings of your camera - Obviously, this has to be done before you take the picture. Most digital cameras give you setting choices. This would be the setting for image size, image resolution, or image quality. You would need to select a low setting. This is fine as long as you don't intend to use the image for anything that requires it to be enlarged or printed.

Option B. Resize the image - This is done using software on your computer. Most basic photo programs will provide a method for adjust the size of an image. It is important to note that if you want to keep a higher quality image, you must first make a copy of the image and save it to your computer. That way, you have one copy that will retain the original image quality and a second copy that can be edited and altered as needed.

Before you can resize an image you will need photo editing software. Most digital cameras come with software that can be loaded on your computer and used for basic editing, like resizing the image. There are also many programs available online that can be used to do this. One free online service is Pic Resize

Step 1 - Using your photo editing software, open your image. If using an online tool, you will have to upload the file to the service using their file brower tool.

Step 2 - Find the Image Size or Resizing Tool in your software.

Step 3 - Set the Image Resolution to 72 pixels per inch

Step 4 - Set the largest dimension of the image, Width or Height, to 800 pixels and keep the original proportions. The software should have a setting for this that automatically adjusts the other side.

Step 5 - Finalize the new size by clicking Okay or Continue or whatever the finish button says.

Step 6 - Save the resized image, to a location of your choice on your computer, as a JPG file with a name you will recognize.

You have now successfully resized your image file.


File Compression & Packaging / Zip File

Our File Attachment will only allow you to attach one file per form submission. If you need to send more than one file, you will need to package them into a Zip file. To send multiple files, use a file compression/ZIP utility program, like WinZIP or 7ZIP (free), to bundle your files into one ZIP package. You can then attach and send that file with this form.


Step 1 - Create a new folder

Step 2 - Place all the files you want to send us in this folder

Step 3 - Select the folder with your file compression utility and save it as a Zip file.

Step 4 - This is the file that you will attach with your form submission.