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About Buying Sun Products

Q. Where can I buy Sun windows and doors?

A. Sun Window products are distributed regionally in KY, TN, IN, OH, IL (and surrounding areas) through Authorized Dealerships and Direct Builder Sales (in select areas). To find the Dealer or Representative nearest you, visit our Dealer Locator Map.

Q. How much do they cost?

A. Sun Window products are very competitively priced. Sun Windows, being a regional manufacturer, avoids the high cost of large over-head and national advertising, as well as maintaining lower freight costs on regional deliveries. These savings allows Sun Windows to put more into the product and pass greater savings on to you.

Request pricing using our online form and we will be glad to provide you a quote on your project.

Q. Do you offer computer designs and quoting for my windows and doors?

A. Yes. Sun Windows can provide a detailed print-out of your complete order, listing the specifications for your window and doors, including the location of each and the rough openings. This service will help you and your builder coordinate the layout of your windows and doors and prevent errors in framing sizes.

Q. How do you compare to other window and door brands?

A. Sun is competitive in quality and pricing with most of the nationally recognized, brand name windows and doors. We encourage you to send us your "other brand" specifications and let Sun prepare you a competitive analysis. This will provide you with an equal comparison of matching products and options. We welcome these questions and the opportunity point out what makes Sun such an outstanding value. Being the biggest is not always best.

Q. Can I get professional window help to better determine my window selections?

A. Sun representatives can be very helpful in working with you and the distributor to better design the windows to best suit your home needs and at the most affordable prices. Their extensive product knowledge will aid you in the selection of Sun products and options. They can also provide you with a detailed quote showing actual drawings of the products as well as details of the sizes and options for your new project.

Q . Can I purchase windows outside your Marketing area?

A. This is question we hear a lot. Our primary market is in the Midwest within approximately 250 miles of our Owensboro, KY Factory. It is possible to purchase outside this circle. Send us your inquiry by E-mail or using our online contact form, and we will attempt to help where we can.

Q. Can I purchase small parts from you?

A. Yes, but properly identifying the part can be difficult, especially on older products. Most customers send a sample of the part needed and we attempt to provide a replacement. In some instances parts for older products are no longer available.

Q. How are your Products delivered?

A. Most Sun Windows and Doors are delivered by our own fleet of delivery trucks. Sun Windows also uses factory trained loading and delivery personnel. This is another great reason to select Sun Windows. You not only get great products, you get the whole Sun Team working for you. In some instances, especially for locations outside of our primary market area, 3rd party freight may be the best option. This would be handled by special quote. Many parts can be shipped using UPS or FedEx.


About Sun Products

Q. What is the exterior covering on your Clad Wood Windows?

A. Unlike many companies using thin vinyl and soft roll aluminum, all SunClad Windows feature heavy extruded aluminum exteriors to include the main frame with its intergral nailing fin as well as the sash or door panel. This provides exceptional strength and long life for the windows and doors. The exterior finish is our high durability powder coat finish.

Q. What colors do Sun Window’s come in and can I change the color in the future?


Clad Exterior Color Options

SunClad™ Exterior Colors

Sun's High Durability Powder Coat Finish is available in a wide range of Standard Colors, Feature Colors, and Metallic Finishes as well as in Custom Match Colors. You also have the option of using various color combinations to create a unique visual accent. Color cards available upon request.

Custom Match Colors
Virtually, any color you want is available through our color matching feature. Give us a color sample to match or even an RAL* number and we will produce your windows in your own custom color. Additional fee applies.

Multi-Color Combinations
In addition to having your choice of almost any exterior you can think of, you can now choose to create custom, multi-colored combinations. As an example you may select to have the product sash in one color, the grilles in another and the frame (and or) brick mold trim in yet another color. By combining different colors with different options you can create unique exterior accents to give your home that extra-special touch.

Note: Due to the variations in color representation on computer monitors, the colors shown are for general reference only. For accurate color selection and matching, please obtain a color chart or sample swatch from your Sun Window Dealer or Representative.

Q. Do you offer wood interior molding trim for your circle top products?

A. Yes, we offer radius casing for interior trimming of all products featuring curved or rounded windows.

Q. Can I use your Doors for my Grand Entrance?

A. Sure, many of the homes featuring Sun Windows also use our doors for every exterior door and also the service door into the garage.

Q. Can I get Blinds in my doors?

A. Yes, Blinds within the Insulated Glass unit are becoming popular for some privacy concerns. Blinds give you the privacy and Insulated glass keeps you protected from the exterior elements. See our Options section for more information.

Q. I want all my Sun Doors Keyed-Alike!

A. Sun Doors are available with all the Locks Keyed alike. Be sure to request these option when you place your order.

Q.  Can you build custom window shapes and sizes?

A.  Our manufacturing process and machinery is set up to accommodate almost any request. Just supply us with a sketch, some basic dimensions and any product specific information, such as color, glass type, jamb depth, etc. and we would be glad to provide you a detailed drawing and quote of what we could provide. This detailed drawing and quote would then need to be approved, signed and returned to Sun Windows to be manufactured.

Q. How can I get my windows properly installed?

A. The Sun Window Dealer network offers many trained window installers with many years of experience. Sun Windows also provides installation instructions with every order of Sun Window and Door products. If you need these instructions they are available in the Technical section of our web site.


About Repairs & Services

Q. What happens if I break a glass and need to replace the glass?

A. All Sun Windows and Doors have glazing stops designed for removal. The glass can be replaced without the expense of buying a new sash or panel. You can order replacement insulated glass from your Sun Dealer or have a local glass company make a new unit for you.

Q. Are Sun Windows and Doors guaranteed?

A. Yes, the warranty is in writing. See the Warranty in our Support section, or contact your dealer for details.


About Product Performance

Q. Are Sun Windows Energy efficient?

A. Yes, Sun windows and doors are very energy efficient. Sun Windows is a certified partner in the NFRC Certification program and the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star® program. Sun Windows is proud to be part of these energy savings certification programs.

Q . Do Sun Windows have R-Value ratings?

A. All Sun Windows are tested by independent testing agencies and each product lists the tested results. The test values are documented in U-values. U-values measure the amount of energy transferred through a unit, where R-values measure the resistance to energy flow. These values are simply mathematical inverses. Some companies will convert U-values to R-values to try to give the customer an "insulating value" similar to what is provided by wall insulation. U-values are the industry standard value for comparison of window and door energy performance. Our Performance information is available in our Technical section.

Q. Do I really need the warm-edge insulated glass spacer or is the old design aluminum spacer adequate?

A .Sun Windows uses a warm-edge spacer system on all window and door products. This spacer reduces the conductivity of the insulated glass edge by 75% over old design aluminum spacers and produces more even glass temperatures over the entire insulated glass area. The result is a warmer glass unit that is less susceptible to glass stress. See our featured IG Spacer, Duralite™ for more information.

Q. Do I get Energy Tax Credits?

A. Tax credits imbedded in H.R.4, a new comprehensive energy bill is available until December 31, 2006. The bill also includes tax credits for commercial buildings. For more information go to the Primary Glass Manufactures Council web site at,

Q. Why do my windows "fog-up" when it is cold outside?

A. If moisture appears on the inside glass surface of your windows or doors (this is called condensation) you have an imbalance in your homes environment. Please read our article on Condensation for more information.

About Testing & Certification

Q. Are Sun Windows tested and certified?

A. Yes. Sun Windows participates in several certification programs to ensure that our products are consistently manufactured within the required standards. Sun participates in the following certification programs and testing standards: WDMA Hallmark Certification program, SIGMA Insulated Glass Manufactures Association, Energy Star®, NFRC National Fenestration Rating Counsel and ASTM.

Q. Why do the Sun Windows test show some of the lowest air infiltrations in the industry?

A. Sun focuses on providing Energy Efficient products. One aspect of this is minimizing air leaks or infiltration. The designs of Sun products effectively seal-out air infiltration, providing excellent energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Air infiltration is tested in accordance with ASTM:E 283-91 and AAMA/NWWDA 101/LS.2-97.


About the Sun Windows Company

Q. How large is Sun Windows?

A. Sun Windows is a regional manufacturer that is small enough to listen and react to our customers needs, yet large enough to deliver high quality products and dependable service.

Q. Do you offer Plant Tours?

A. Sun Windows offers plant tours by appointment. Contact us to schedule a tour for you or your group.


More Information

Q. How can I get more information?

A. For more information you may call us at (270) 684-0691, E-mail us at, or use our online contact form.



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