Argon - A colorless, inert gas commonly found in air in small volumes. Its inert properties make it ideal for filling the air space of insulated glass units. Using Argon reduces air convection within the sealed air space, increased dimensional stability of the air space and reduces noise infiltration.

Base Unit - The Base Unit is the main window in a mulled combination window unit of two or more windows.

Between The Glass Blinds - A window blind system that is protected behind a glass panel to reduce the need for cleaning blinds.

Between The Glass Grilles - See GBG.

Call Height - is a number representing the height of the product. It is based on the glass height of the sash or panel.

Call Size - Call Size is the identifying code used to specify Sun Window products. The call size consists of a prefix (usually a group of letters that identify the product type) followed by a number that represents the call width and call height of the product. Some Call Sizes have a suffix that indicates the product is a multi-wide unit (2-wide, 3-wide, 4-wide)

Call Width - is a number representing the width of the product. It is based on the glass width of the sash or panel.

Cord Height - The height of the radius portion of an Arch Top or Eyebrow window. See radius product pages for illustrations.

Cottage & Oriel - These are alternate configurations for Single Hung and Double Hung windows. A Cottage style window has a shorter height top sash and taller bottom sash (approximately 1/3 over 2/3 sash proportions). An Oriel style window has a taller height top sash and shorter bottom sash (approximately 2/3 over 1/3 sash proportions).

Dual Glazed Glass - Two pieces of glass hermetically sealed together with a sealed air space between them.

Fixed Lite - Refers to a non-operating window that does not open for ventilation.

Frame Extensions - SunClad Doors have a standard jamb/wall thickness of 4 9/16". Exterior metal Frame Extensions may be added to increase the over-all jamb thickness to 6-9/16". Used primarily for Inswing Doors.

GBG - Grilles Between Glass are grilles that are sealed within the insulated glass unit of a windows sash or door panel. This offers the advantage of never having to dust or clean the grille system. GBGs are available in 3/4" and 5/16" wide profiles.

Gothic Height - The height of the radius portion of a Gothic window.

Grille Lite Division - Refers to the number of Lites (glass spaces) wide and high that a grille system divides a window sash or door panel glass area into.

Grille & Grille Systems - Grilles or Grille Systems refer to any method used to divide the glass view area of a window sash or door panel into two or more Lites. Sun Windows offer several grille system options to accomplish this.

See GBG, Removable Wood Grille, and SDL.
See the product option sections for more information.

IG - Stands for Insulated Glass. Insulated glass is two or more pieces of glass put together to form a sealed air space (or spaces) between them. The sealed air space increases the thermal properties of the window.

Jamb Extensions - SunClad Wood Windows standard jamb/wall thickness is 4 9/16". Interior Wood Jamb Extensions may be add to increase the over-all jamb thickness up to 7-9/16". Extensions up to 6-9/16" are one piece, up to 7-9/16" are two piece.

Lite - Refers to the glass area of the window or door. The glass area may be one lite or it may be divided into multiple lites by a grille system.

Low-E - Low-E is low emissivity glass, specially coated to help block radiated heat transfer. By using a piece of Low-E glass in an insulated glass unit and filling the sealed air space with Argon gas (an inert gas that is heavier than air) the thermal efficiency of the window can be increased significantly over Clear IG.

Matching Call Height & Call Width - A quick reference system for finding Matching Heights and Matching Widths of products with different call heights or widths. Helps where the products Call Height or Width doesn't coordinate with a companion product. (Example of a Double Hung and its matching fixed lite height. The call heights of the products are different but their actual unit / frame height are the same).

Mull, Mulled & Mullion - The joining of two or more windows together is called a Mull. A Mulled unit refers to two or more windows that are joined together. A Mullion is the joint itself or the material that finishes the joint.

Radius - Radius is used to refer to the measurement of the actual radius of a product with a rounded portion. It is also used in a general sense to refer to any product that incorporates a rounded portion in its shape (as in Radius products).

Radius Casing - Interior wood casing is available for all radius products at additional cost. Casing is laminated pine in #356 (2-1/4"), #366 (2-1/4"), #366W (3-1/4"), or #444 (3-1/2") profiles.

Radius Height - The height of the radius portion of a Round Top, Extended Round Top, or Quarter Round Top window.

Removable Wood Grille - Removable Wood Grille is a grille system that uses a 1" wide profile wood grille bar. This wood grille is held in the window sash or door panel by a grille clip/pin that slides in a groove at the end of each grille bar. This grille clip/pin can be dis-engaged from the sash or panel to remove the grille for cleaning purposes.

See the product option sections for more information.

Rough Opening - Rough Opening is the recommended opening dimension (width and height) for framing.

Screens - Screens for venting units cover the opening area of sash or panel. Screen frames are aluminum, in colors matching the window. Screen mesh is charcoal gray colored fiberglass mesh.

Shoulder Height - Listed on radius product size pages. This is the height of matching non-radius products. See radius product pages for illustration.

Stock Tempered Glass - Certain sizes of Sun Window products are available with Stock Tempered Glass, which is Tempered Glass kept in inventory for standard delivery service.

SDL (Simulated Divided Lite) - formerly called TDLs or True Divided Lite Simulated, are grilles that combine an interior wood grille with an exterior, aluminum grille bar and a between the glass shadow bar to simulate traditional multi-pane or divided lite sash products.

See the product option sections for more information.

SunClad - Is the name we use to refer to the heavy-gauge extruded aluminum exteriors we use on the frames and sashes of all our clad wood products.

Tempered Glass - Specially treated to maximize resistance to breakage and minimize injury potential if broken. Is available in Clear or LowE for additional cost. Required for some specific window applications. Consult local building codes for requirements.

Unit / Frame Size - The actual, outer dimensions of the window or unit frame, not including the nailing fin.

United Inches - Refers to the sum of the window width plus the window height. United Inches are used in this guide to price special size & shape windows and replacement windows.

Weep System or Water Management Fail-Safe System - refers to the ability to allow water to drain from a component of the product. Sun window frames, window sashes, and door thresholds all have our Water Management (Weep) Fail-Safe System.

See the product option sections for more information.


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