Quotes and Pricing

Sun believes that the customer should get more product for their money. Instead of investing in large promotions and advertising campaigns, Sun focuses on putting those dollars directly into the product in the form of higher quality materials, new product designs, incorporating new technologies, and continual refinement of assembly methods and processes. When you buy a Sun product, you are paying for more product, a better product, not a lot of advertising that makes you familiar with our name.

Sun Products are "Made To Order". This means that you get the windows you want with the features and options you want, not what is sitting on a shelf. You don't pay extra for this, it is Sun's standard. In fact, you will find Sun to be competitively priced.

We do not publish standard prices because the price you really want to know is the one for the exact product and configuration that you select. Therefore, you will need to have your project quoted to see an accurate price. Contact your Sun Dealer for a quote. If you do not have a Sun Dealer in your area, contact our Sun Customer Service Department.


Sun Windows and Doors