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Sun Vinyl SS57 Series
Slider Window

Product Highlights

• Pure Virgin Vinyl Compound
• Welded Construction
• Fail-Safe Water Management System
• Integral Nail Fin
• Integral J-Channel & Brick Mold
• Integral Sash Operation Rail
• Horizontal Sliding Sash Operation
• Removable Operating Sash
• Cam-Action Sash Locks
• Energy Efficient Performance
• Insulated Glass with Duralite™ Spacer
• High Performance Low-E Glass with Argon
• Weather Seals - all seams

Available in these styles:
• Single Slider

• Slider Picture Window
• 3 Panel Equal Vent Slider



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The SunVinyl SS57 Single Slider features side-by-side sash design with one sash that slides sideways to open the window. The other sash is fixed and does not open. The Slider Picture window features a fixed lite picture window in the center with two flanking side sashes that open and close for ventilation. The panel proportions are 1/4 side sashes and 1/2 fixed center panel. The 3 panel Equal Vent window features 3 equal proportion panels. The center panel is a fixed lite and the two side panels open and close for ventilation.

The SS57 line features welded construction, pure virgin vinyl compound and an exterior frame that incorporates a built-in J-channel and Brick Mold profile. This makes it easy to integrate with siding while providing an additional trim accent.

All Sun Vinyl products provide excellent energy saving performance. Select one of our climate-targeted, Low-E insulated glass configurations to take advantage of Sun's best energy performance combination for your region. All Sun IG units use the Duralite™ warm-edge spacer system, a non-metallic spacer that provides the lowest thermal conductivity and best gas retention of any IG spacer system.

Sun Vinyl products never need painting and are designed to provide years of trouble-free performance.

Vinyl Slider Window Operation

Sun Vinyl Slider Window Operation

The SunVinyl SS57 Single Slider features side-by-side sash design with one sash that slides sideways to open the window. The other sash is fixed and does not open. The 3-Panel Slider window features a fixed lite in the center with two flanking side sashes that open and close for ventilation. The panel proportions are available in 1/4 , 1/2, 1/4 or 1/3, 1/3, 1/3. In each case, the operating sash has cam-action locks that secures the sash when it is in the closed position. To open, simply unlock the latches and slide the sash sideways by gripping the sash operation rail. The sashes use a roller system to assist in the operation of the sash. The sash can also be lifted out of the frame for cleaning or access purposes.

Double Hung Operation
Pure Virgin Vinyl
Pure Virgin Vinyl

Pure Virgin Vinyl Compound

Not all Vinyl Windows are the same when it comes to the quality of their vinyl compound. Sun Vinyl products use "Virgin Vinyl", which basically means it is all first generation PVC, without any recycled product added to its compound. This produces superior vinyl extrusion with improved strength and stability. Windows made from Virgin Vinyl will outlast windows made from cheaper PVC blends that include recycled product.

• Stronger Extrusions
• More Durable
• Greater Stability

Virgin Vinyl Extrusions
Welded Construction
Welded Construction

Welded Construction

All Sun Vinyl products feature fusion welded frame and sash corners. This minimizes air and water penetration at all constructed joints, while a stronger, more durable window than one that is mechanically fastened.

Welded Construction
Integral Nailing Fin, J-Channel & Brick Mold
Integral Nail Fin, J-Channel, Brick Mold

Integral Nail Fin, J-Channel & Brick Mold

Sun Vinyl products are designed with a nail fin that is formed as an integral part of the exterior frame extrusion. This provides for a very strong and stable installation. The nail fin can be scored and removed for mulling and retro-fit applications. The frame extrusion also forms a J-Channel and a simulated Brick Mold. This allows it to integrate with siding applications and provide a trim accent.

Nail Fin, J-Channel, Brick Mold
Fail-Safe Water Management System
Water Management System

Fail-Safe Water Management System

All Sun Vinyl products are designed with a Fail-Safe Water Management System. The exterior perimeter of the glass is sealed against water intrusion. However, because vinyl and glass expand and contract at different rates, we design our Water Management System to provide an effective drain path (to the exterior) for water to exit the glazing channel and sash structure. This helps protect the insulated glass against seal failure.

Fail-Safe Water Management
Interlocking Sash
Interlocking Sash

Interlocking Sash

All Sun Vinyl windows with operating sashes feature interlocking sash rails. This provides a better air seal and more security when the sash is closed and locked.

Sash Interlock
Insulated Glass
Insulated Glass

Sun's Insulated Glass

All Sun products are glazed with Dual Glazed insulated glass. All of Sun's Hi-Performance Low-E Insulated Glass units are Argon filled and feature the Duralite™ warm-edge glass spacer system. Both dual glazed (using two pieces of glass) and triple glazed (using three pieces of glass) are available (depending on the product type). Tempered insulated glass units (both glass pieces) are standard on all door units. Sun manufactures these units in our own state-of-the-art insulated glass production facility, allowing us to produce the high quality insulated glass units for each order. This line is carefully monitored for quality control, glass testing and certification, to assure you that all Sun insulated glass is produced to the highest standards.

Insulated Glass
Duralite™ Warm-Edge Spacer

Duralite™ Warm-Edge Spacer System

All Sun insulated glass units use the Duralite™ warm-edge glass spacer system. Duralite is the only all non-metallic spacer system available. This gives superior thermal performance and its flexible properties provide a superior seal and excellent argon retention. It is one of the reasons we are able to provide a full 20 year warranty on our insulated glass.

Duralite™ Insulated Glass Spacer
Low-E Glass
Low-E Glass

Climate Matched Low-E Glass

Sun Windows offers Energy Saving Low-E glass that is matched to your climate. Select our Sun Advantage 270 Low-E glass if you are in a climate that has a mixture of both heating and cooling seasons. Sun Advantage 270 is a second generation Low-E glass that permits 70% of the sun's visible light while blocking 86% of harmful UV rays. Select Sun Advantage 366 Low-E glass if you are in a climate that has stronger cooling requirements. Sun Advantage 270 is a third generation Low-E glass that reduces the amount of the sun's visible light to 66% while blocking 95% of harmful UV rays. Both types use our Duralite™ Warm-Edge glass spacer and have air spaces that are Argon filled for an insulated glass unit that offers excellent thermal performance.

Low-E Glass
Reglazable Sash
Reglazable Sash

Reglazable Sash

All Sun Vinyl products use glazing stops that allow for the reglazing of the sashl should the glass ever be damaged.

Reglazable Sash
Weather Seals
Weather Seals

Weather Seals

All operating windows incorporate weather seals at the sash seams to guard against water and air leakage when the window is closed and latched.

Weather Seals
Lead Times for Options
Option Lead Times

Lead Times For Options

Since all Sun products are built to order, we offer a wide range of options for you to customize your windows and doors to meet your needs. Some of these options are part of the standard production flow while others are more specialized and may require additional time to produce. When a quote is created for your order, any extended lead times are indicated. This can assist you in planning your project and help you coordinate your workflow.

Single Hung Configurations

Sun Vinyl Slider Window Configurations

Sun Vinyl Slder windows are available as a Singles Slider - two panels, one operating, one fixed; Slider Picture Window - three panels, 1/4 - 1/2 - 1/4 proportions, center fixed lite, sides operate; or Equal Vent Slider - three equal proportion panels, center fixed lite, sides operate. You can also mull additional windows to the sides, top or bottom of these windows for special combination units.

Single Slider Slider Picture Window Equal Vent
Single Slider Picture Window Slider Equal Vent Slider

The main restriction is that the overall combined unit width cannot exceed 12' and the height cannot exceed 8'. Larger combinations may be mulled on site. Please note that mulled units are not designed to take the place of structural framing. In some instances it is better to order your units "aligned" but not mulled. This means that they will be built with the proper grille alignment to be installed beside or above each other, but the wall will have structural framing separating the units into smaller combinations or single units. More information on combination units is available under Mulls and Mulling.

Vinyl Color Options

Sun Vinyl Colors


Solid Vinyl Colors
Sun Vinyl windows are available two "solid vinyl" colors: White and Sand. These are the colors of the actual vinyl extrusions, not paint. Therefore, the exterior and the interior of the window are the same color.

Also Note: Due to the variations in color representation on computer monitors, the colors shown are for general reference only. For accurate color selection and matching, please obtain a color chart or sample swatch from your Sun Window Dealer or Representative.

Vinyl Colors
Hardware - Slider Windows

Sun Vinyl - Slider Window Hardware

Sun Vinyl Slider Window hardware consists of sash locks and a sash roller system that helps the operating sash to slide open sideways. The sash can be lifted out the operating track and removed from the window for cleaning.

Hardware Colors
Sun Vinyl hardware colors are White and Sand, matching the interior color of the window.

Slider Latch
Glazing Method / Type
Glazing Method - Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Windows Glazing Method

Sun Vinyl products are glazed with Dual Glazed insulated glass. Two pieces of glass with a 1/2" sealed airspace.

Dual Glazed Insultated Glass
Glass Types
Glass Types

Low-E Insulated Glass

Most building codes now require thermally efficient insulated glass in windows and doors. Therefore, high-performance Low-E glass has become an industry standard. Sun offers a range of Low-E Insulated Glass units to match maximum thermal benefits with your region.

• Sun Advantage 270 is for regions that have both heating and cooling seasons.
• Sun Advantage 366 is for regions that require mostly cooling.
• Sun Advantage 270 plus adds a 4th surface i89 Low-E to lower the U-value and improve thermal performance.
• Sun Advantage 366 plus adds a 4th surface i89 Low-E to lower the U-value and improve thermal performance.
• Clear glass is available for specific applications where energy performance codes do not apply or thermal performance is not a concern.


ClimaGuard 6331ClimaGuard 5527Energy Advantage 6331
Glass Tint
Glass Tints

Glass Tints

All insulated glass units can be tinted. Tints available are: Bronze and Gray. Tints are part of the glass, not a film. Never apply glass films to Sun insulated glass units.

Glass Tints
Obscure Glass
Obscure Glass

Obscure Glass

All insulated glass units can include Obscure glass. Available Obscure textures are: Typical Obscure (P516) and Niagara Obscure (vertical waterfall pattern).

Obscure Glass
Tempered Glass
Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

Most insulated glass units can be Tempered to meet glass requirements. Both pieces of the insulated glass unit are tempered. Most glass options (Low-E, Tints, Obscure) are available in tempered glass units.

Tempered Glass
Grille Types
Grille Types

Grille Types


GBG (Grilles Between Glass) are 3/4" contoured profiled aluminum grilles sealed within the insulated glass unit for no-maintenance convenience. Available in White or Sand. They are also available in two color combinations (one color facing the interior the other facing the exterior) of White/Sand and White/Dark Bronze.

Grilles Between Glass
Grille Colors
Grille Color Options

Grille Colors


GBG Colors
Available in White and Sand colors.

Grille Colors
Grille Patterns
Grille Patterns

Grille Patterns

Sun's Grille systems (see grille types) are available in a various standard Grille Patterns or in custom designed patterns. View our Grille Pattern charts to see illustrations of our standard patterns. If you have a custom pattern, please submit a drawing to us and we will provide you a quote for your project. Please note that not all patterns are available in all grille types and sizes. Manufacturing limitations apply.

Grille Patterns
Screen Options

Screen Options

Screens are available for operating windows. Screens have aluminum frames strung with fiberglass screen mesh. The screen frame mounts into a screen track in the product frame. Sun Vinyl window screens use our standard charcoal colored fiber screen mesh.

Roll-Form Screen Frame
Sun's Standard Screen Frame is Roll-Form Aluminum in colors match our Vinyl Window exterior colors: White, Sand, Dark Bronze.

Packaging and Shipping Options
On Product - Screens can be packaged installed on the window (standard method).
Packaged Separately - Screens can be packaged separately from the window for an additional fee.

Jamb Depth & Extensions
Jamb Depth & Extension Options

Sun Vinyl Jamb Depth & Extension Options


Sun Vinyl new construction products have a standard jamb depth (thickness) of 1-3/4" from the back of the nail fin.


Jamb Extensions

For deeper wall construction interior wood extensions can be added to the jamb up to a total jamb depth of 6-9/16". These extensions are applied at the factory. The wood is finger jointed paint grade. It is available with no finish, primed or painted white.

Note: Jamb Extensions are available in 1/8" increments up to 6-9/16" total jamb depth.

Vinyl Jamb Options
Mulls & Mulling
Mulls & Mulling Options

Mulls & Mulling

Product Combinations
Sun Vinyl Windows can be combined with companion products to form special feature windows or window combinations. Sun Vinyl same series products are designed so that they can be easily grouped together to form multi-unit configurations. These configurations can be as simple as combining two units together, side by side, to form a 2-wide unit, or as complex as combining multiple units of various styles and shapes to form a special feature window wall. Send us your ideas and we will help you configure your special combination.

Mulled Unit Restrictions
The maximum over-all size for a factory mulled unit cannot exceed 12' by 8' (vertical or horizontal).
Maximum units wide = 5
Maximum units high = 4

Mull Caps or Covers
Mull Caps or Covers are available for mulling windows on the job site. Includes mull caps or covers only. (Installation is not provided).


Structurally Reinforced Mulls

Sun uses a specially designed, internal, structural aluminum mull reinforcement to add strength and rigidity to mulled units. This provides for a stronger, more secure installation. After installation, Sun Vinyl mulled units will not flex in the window opening like most competitor vinyl windows with weak mulls. You will have superior protection against storms with high winds and other extreme forces.

Reinforced Mulls
Single Slider
Picture Window Slider
3-Panel Equal Vent Slider
Product Dimensions
Product Dimensions

Product Dimensions

Sun's Product Dimension Sheets chart various dimensional characteristics of our products. These include the Unit Width & Height, Rough Opening Width & Height, Daylight Opening Width, Height & Square Feet, Clear Opening Width, Height & Square Feet, as well as additional Clear Opening dimensions for alternate hardware and sash removed. Select the Dimension Sheet for the product you are interested in to view the details.

Egress Information

Egress Codes

Egress codes exist to provide emergency access to living areas of the home. These standards establish minimum requirements for windows used in bedrooms and basements with habitable space. At least one egress qualifying window or door is required in these rooms. If the room has a door to the outside, then this covers the requirements. If it doesn't, then at least one window must meet the code requirements.

Code requirements vary, depending on where you live. You must check with your local code officials to determine your specific requirements. There several code standards that are typically adopted, but the final authority exists with your local officials.

To help you select windows that potentially qualify, Sun has created an Egress ID system for our Casement and Double Hung windows. Please note that the window opening must be unobstructed, therefore Awning windows do not qualify. We base this on one of the typical, national standards, BOCA: The National Building Code. These standards happen to match many of the other code standards, but some do vary in some of the specifications.

Again, please check with your local code officials.


BOCA: The National Building Code, Chapter 10, Section 1010.4 (2006)

Maximum sill height above the floor = 44"
Minimum net clear opening width = 20"
Minimum net clear opening height = 24"
Minimum net clear opening square feet = 5.7
Exception - Grade level windows - minimum net clear opening square feet = 5.0

Energy Performance
Energy Peformance

Energy Performance

Energy Performance is reported as a group of values designated the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC) to provide meaningful, comparative data for windows, doors and skylights. The NFRC has determined that these values represent the key energy performance factors when measured and reported in a standardized method.

These values are:
• U-Value
• Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)
• Visible Light Transmittance (VLT)
• Condensation Resistance (CR)
• Air Leakage or Air Infiltration

All performance values are determined through product testing following industry standard specifications. Actual product performance will depend the specific details of the application in which the product is installed. This includes the how well the product was installed, the physical environment and conditions of the location as well as other factors.

For additional information see:


Energy Performance
Air, Water, Structural Performanc
Air, Water and Structural Peformance

Design Pressure, Air, Water & Structural Performance

Physical Testing and Certification of the design performance of windows and doors is done to meet code and specification requirements. The products are tested and rated in accordance to 101/I.S.2/A440-08 Standard for Windows, Doors and Skylights. They are tested and rated for the following:

• Design Pressure
• Air Infiltration
• Water Performance
• Structural Test Pressure

All performance values are determined through product testing following industry standard specifications. Actually product performance will depend the specific details of the application in which the product is installed. This includes the how well the product was installed, the physical environment and conditions of the location as well as other factors.

Air, Water, Structural Performance
Section Detail Drawings
Section Detail Drawings

Section Detail Drawings

Section Detail Drawings are available to assist the designer or specifier when integrating Sun products into their projects. These drawings provide basic sectional views and dimensions for our products.

Section Details
UV Fade Protection
UV Fade Protection

UV Fade Protection

Put an end to the fading of your carpets, floors, drapes, and interior furnishings from the daylight coming through your windows. Sun products provide the ultimate in UV Fade Protection with the use of our optional ClimaGuard SPF™ glass. ClimaGuard SPF™ glass blocks 99.9% of all UV rays.

UV Protection
Understanding and Controlling Condensation

Understanding and Controlling Condensation

This article describes the basic causes of condensation and provides some tips to help control its occurrence.

• View this article.
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