Sun Vinyl Windows vs Our Vinyl Competitors


1. Does your vinyl window use structural component extrusions made from pure virgin vinyl compound for a long product life?

Sun Does!

Windows made from Virgin Vinyl will outlast windows made from cheaper PVC blends that include recycled product. Not all Vinyl Windows are the same when it comes to the quality of their vinyl compound. Sun Vinyl products use "Virgin Vinyl" in a precise powder compound formulation, as opposed to a pellet compound that typically contains regrind product. Our vinyl compound contains the highest level of TiO2 (titanium dioxide) in the industry, which is what gives Sun Vinyl products superior UV resistance and weathering characteristics. Sun's Virgin Vinyl produces superior structural component extrusions formed with lower heat and less stress on the material, making them less brittle over time and giving you a longer product life.

Sun Vinyl Extrusions

2. Does your vinyl window have a heavier wall thickness and a double walled glazing lip for improved strength and durability?

Sun Does!

Sun Vinyl extrusions have a heavier wall thickness, as well as multi-chambered designs, including a double walled glazing lip, that contains more vinyl material than many of our competitors. This helps Sun Vinyl windows be stronger and more durable than thinner, cheaper windows. Sashes also have an integral lift rail and interlocking sash rails, while the exterior features a full frame Brick Mold for a more traditional appearance.

Heavier Wall Thickness

3. Does your vinyl window use a specially designed internal aluminum extrusion to structurally reinforce mulls for a stronger, more secure installation?

Sun Does!

Sun uses a specially designed, internal, structural aluminum mull reinforcement to add strength and rigidity to mulled units. This provides for a stronger, more secure installation. After installation, Sun Vinyl mulled units will not flex in the window opening like most competitor vinyl windows with weak mulls. You will have superior protection against storms with high winds and other extreme forces.

Sun Vinyl Mull Reinforcement

4. Does your vinyl window have weather-tight seals with 4-Corner welded construction to protect against water and air leakage?

Sun Does!

All Sun Vinyl products feature fusion welded frame and sash corners. This minimizes air and water penetration at all constructed joints, while providing a stronger, more durable window than one that is mechanically fastened. All operating windows incorporate weather seals at the sash seams to guard against water and air leakage when the window is closed and latched.

Welded Corners on Sash and Frame

5. Does your vinyl window have a built-in Fail-Safe Water Management System to protect the insulated glass seal?

Sun Does!

All Sun Vinyl products are designed with a Fail-Safe Water Management System. The exterior perimeter of the glass is sealed against water intrusion. However, because vinyl and glass expand and contract at different rates, we design our Water Management System to provide an effective drain path (to the exterior) for water to exit the glazing channel and sash structure. This helps protect the insulated glass against seal failure. Additionally, all Sun Single and Double Hung windows use sloped sills to promote water run-off and prevent the trapping of debris.

Water Management

6. Does your vinyl window use the most energy efficient insulated glass spacer system in the industry?

Sun Does!

All Sun insulated glass units use the Duralite™ warm-edge glass spacer system. Duralite is the only all non-metallic spacer system available. This gives superior thermal performance and its flexible properties provide a superior seal and excellent argon retention. (Argon is the inert gas used to fill the sealed air space of high performance insulated glass units to improve their thermal performance.)Duralite™ is one of the reasons we are able to provide a full 20 year warranty on our insulated glass.

Duralite IG Spacer

7. Does your window company spend millions of dollars a year promoting their name instead of making better products?

Sun Doesn't!

Sun traces its family-owned window manufacturing history back to the 1930's. Sun is a debt-free and financially stable company. Sun believes that the customer should get more product for their money. Instead of investing in large promotions and advertising campaigns, Sun focuses on putting those dollars directly into the product in the form of higher quality materials, new product designs, incorporating new technologies, and continual refinement of assembly methods and processes. When you buy a Sun product, you are paying for more product, a better product, not a lot of advertising that makes you familiar with our name.

Sun Logo

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