SunClad™ Powder Coat Finish

Powder Coating is basically paint in powder form. This dry pigment powder is applied to an aluminum extrusion that has been washed and prepared. A negative electrical charge is applied to the extrusion and as the powder is sprayed, the negative charge attracts and holds the positively charged powder in place. The coated extrusion is then heated in an oven that bakes on the finish. The extrusion is removed from the oven, allowed to cool and (after inspection) is sent on for product production. The coated extrusions now have a hard finish which is tougher than conventional painted finishes. Powder coated surfaces have a long life and are resistant to chipping, cracking, peeling and fading.

Improved Quality / Expanded Capabilities

Sun's Powder Coating Facility has been implemented to improve the finish quality and expand the color options and capabilities of SunClad products. This system allows Sun to greatly improve the quality and time required for all SunClad finish options while also allowing us to significantly expand all exterior color choices. This includes more Standard colors, a wide range of Feature colors and Metallic finishes and even Custom color matching.

Sun has partnered with Akzo Nobel, the worlds largest paint and coatings company, and their Interpon® Powder Coatings products to provide the highest quality exterior coatings system available. Sun's standard finish meets AAMA 2604 requirements. Sun's warranty covers clad exteriors for 20 years. Sun also offers an AAMA 2605 finish with a 30 year warranty for projects that require this higher performance finish.

Faster Turn-Around

Powder coatings have a greatly reduced processing time, which means that the coated materials can be put into the production flow much sooner than our previous liquid paint system. Additionally, the extrusions for all special and custom colors orders will be coated in house, reducing the delivery time.

Multi-Color Combinations

In addition to having your choice of almost any exterior color you can think of, you can now choose to create custom, multi-colored combinations. As an example you may select to have the product sash in one color, the grilles in another and the frame (and or) exterior trim in yet another color. By combining different colors with different options you can create unique exterior accents to give your home that extra-special touch.


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