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Sun offers a variety of literature and materials to support our Dealers and Representatives. Below you will find a list of literature related materials that are typically available to support your marketing and sales efforts. To submit a request, please fill in your name and address information, make your selections by indicating the quantities you would like and then click on the submit button. Your request will be processed as soon as possible.

All items and quantities are subject to availability and approval. Sun reserves the right to limit quantities or deny requests at its sole discretion. Items may be discontinued without notice.

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Folder   Sun Folder
Clad Products Multipage Brochure   SunClad Windows & Doors - multi-page brochure
Clad Products Single Sheet Brochure   SunClad Windows & Doors - single sheet brochure (50 per pack)
Contemporary   Contemporary Design - single sheet brochure (50 per pack)
Vinyl Products Single Sheet Brochure   Sun Vinyl Windows - single sheet brochure (50 per pack)
Ask Before You Buy Flyer   Ask Before You Buy - single sheet flyer (50 per pack)
Clad vs Vinyl Flyer  

Clad vs Vinyl - single sheet flyer (50 per pack)

Sun Vinyl vs Competition   Sun Vinyl vs Competition - single sheet flyer (50 per pack)
Sun Vinyl vs Competition   Avoid Call-Backs with these Installation Tips (50 per pack)
Carpenter Pencil   Sun Carpenter Pencil
Can Coolie   Sun Can Coolie
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