Double Hung Sash Pack

Easy-Tilt version is shown.

SunClad™ Double Hung Sash Pack

Sun's Sash Pack is designed to convert your old wood or clad wood double hungs to new, energy-efficient windows. Each Sun Sash Pack includes two clad wood sashes with your choice of Sun High Performance Insulated Glass. You may also select from our Grille Options to accent your windows. A pair of vinyl jamb liners with our spring balance system and tilt-sash pivot shoes will apply to the side jamb pockets of your old frame. Retaining clips and screws are also included.

Available in Easy-Tilt Sash version and Comfort-Tilt Sash version.

Product Highlights

• Sun Clad Extruded Aluminum Sash Exterior• Water Management System• Powder Coat Exterior Finish• Sun Advantage Low-E Insulated Glass with Argon• Duralite™ Glass Spacer System• Ponderosa Pine Sash Interior• Complete Weather Seal Protection



• Vertical Raise & Lower Sash Operation
• Tilt-In Sashes  
• Cam Action Sash Locks  
• Finger Release Tilt Sash Latches  
• Bullnose Profile Sash Lock Rail 
• Positive Contact Floating Jamb Liners
• Spring Balance System
• Locking-when-tilted Sash Balance Shoes
• Standard Jamb Depth = 3-1/8"

Easy-Tilt vs Comfort-Tilt

The main difference between the Easy-Tilt and the Comfort-Tilt is the profile of the sash lock rail (check rail). The Easy-Tilt features a rounded bullnose profile while the Comfort-Tilt has a plain (flat) profile. Additionally, the Easy-Tilt hardware includes the metal tilt latch cover as standard.

• Bullnose Profile Sash Lock Rail
• Metal Tilt Latch Cover
• 3 standard hardware finishes

• Plain (flat) Profile Sash Lock Rail
• Plastic Tilt Latch
• 2 standard hardware finishes

Easy-Tilt version is shown.

Product Operation

Both sashes raise and lower for ventilation as well as tilt inward for access to the exterior glass surfaces from inside the room. The bottom sash tilts in by activating the finger release latches and pulling the top of the sash toward you. The top sash does not have tilt latches, it will simply pull toward you after the bottom sash has been tilted. The jamb liners house the spring balance system. The tilting action of the sashes is achieved by the combination of a pair sash pins, located near the bottom of each side of the sash, and a pair of balance shoes located in the jamb liners. The balance shoes feature a locking action that supplies tension within the jamb liner track when the sash is tilted 90°. This feature is useful to help prevent the bottom of the sash from moving up or down while the sash is tilted for cleaning. It will also hold the shoes and springs in position when you choose to remove the sash completely from the window.

Sash Tilting Instructions
Easy-Tilt version is shown.

Operating Hardware

The top and bottom sashes secure to one another by means of a cam-action sash lock that is recess mounted in the check rail (or lock rail). Sashes under 32” wide have one lock. Those 32” and wider have two locks.

The lock keeper is recess mounted in the face of the meeting rail of the top sash. The standard keeper is concealed when the sash is closed and locked. An alternate flanged keeper is available with an extended surface that helps protect the wood near the keeper area from damage from the sash lock in the event that the lock is inadvertently turned to the closed or partially closed position while attempting to close the sash.

A pair of tilt latches holds the top of the bottom sash in the two side jamb tracks. Finger tabs allow you to disengage these from the jamb tracks to tilt the bottom sash inward. The tilt latches have a plastic housing with a spring-loaded tab. The Easy-Tilt version includes a decorative metal top cover for the latch assembly. The latches are recess mounted in the top of the check rail next to both sides.

Lock with Flanged Keeper

Tilt Latch

Easy-Tilt version is shown.

Optional Tilt Latch Cover

Locking Balance Shoe

Hardware Finishes

Standard finishes are: White, Tan, Brown
Optional/Upgrade finishes are: Dark Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Chrome, Black, Antique Brass, Polished Brass 

Standard finishes are: White, Tan
Optional/Upgrade finishes are: Brown, Dark Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Chrome, Black, Antique Brass, Polished Brass
Optional Metal Tilt Latch Covers available for Comfort-Tilt  (standard on Easy-Tilt)

Upgrade finishes and tilt latch covers available at additional cost.




Dark Bronze

Brushed Nickel

Brushed Chrome


Antique Brass

Polished Brass

Jamb Liner Colors